Tuesday, October 28

AFL: Daniel Murphy Injured?

Just got done speaking with stars, who told me that while in Peoria this weekend, she noticed that Daniel Murphy was not taking batting practice. When she finally saw him walking around he had his forearm in some sort of wrap. Stars was unable to tell if the wrap was merely that or some sort of cast, but she did mention that "it looked way too thick to be just wrapping."

The [unofficial] word out of Peoria is that D-Murph was playing in a "Rising Stars" Game on Friday and was in some sort of collision. After the collision, he was allegedly taken to a nearby hospital. Of course, the Peoria Saguaros were not releasing any information this weekend. Murphy did not play on Saturday, but there was no explanation given out.

My feeling is that it could be ice with a wrapping around it (let's hope so). Stars has a picture of Murphy with this mysterious wrap on his arm and is hoping to be able to get to a computer soon and post it. Stay tuned...

Update 2:57 pm - LLR has learned from an unconfirmed source that "
He was injured trying to steal 2b in the very 1st inning. No breaks so it is nothing to worry about as he is still playing LF in upcoming winter ball."

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