Friday, January 9

Gators Take Down The Sooners

I bet my boyfriend David Lee is happy today. His alma mater, University of Florida, won their second BCS National Championship in three years last night, taking down the University of Oklahoma and 2008 Heisman Trophy winner Sam Bradford. I only watched the final quarter of the game, but I caught the brilliant interception by Ahmad Black that pretty much sealed the game for Florida.

Florida's famed QB, 2007 Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow, is going to be a star in the NFL but will he enter this year's draft or go back to Florida for his senior season? The same question is being asked of Sam Bradford, who is a red-shirt sophomore at Oklahoma. The deadline for non-seniors to declare for the NFL draft is less than a week away on January 15th, so we won't have to wait long for the answers. Whatever move these hotties want to make is fiiiiiiine by me :)

Yeah, wow.

Congrats Gators!


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Thursday, January 8

Kicking Ass

Sitting around watching playoff football with Action, I found myself in the midst of a heated debate. No, not about potential outcomes or the skillsets of various teams defenders. Rather, I found myself bickering with Action about just who I thought amongst various sports could kick his ass (Michael Strahan, Nikolai Zherdev, Elijah Dukes) and who could not (Michael Phelps, Terry Bradshaw, Tim Lincecum).

This discussion led to an even more intense and pressing question. When posed with various matchups, who would really come out kicking ass?

And yes, now that you ask, I did spend two hours working on this post only to lose the entire text, so you are getting the dumbed down version. And the first one to complain will compete against my feisty white ass in a grudge match.

Terry Bradshaw vs. Jimmy Johnson

Terry Bradshaw played with Lawrence Taylor against Married With Children's Al Bundy in the infamous Pink Ladies bowl, where Bradshaw actually fell victim to the football prowess of Bundy. It was perhaps only the second victory in Bundy's sad life. Johnson walks through the world with a crazy glint in his eyes, probably leftover from coaching the evil early '90s Dallas Cowboys dynasty.

Edge: Terry Bradshaw. Despite the psychotic stare of Johnson, Bradshaw actually played professional football. And plus, Bundy was probably due a victory.

Who is the ultimate victor?
Terry Bradshaw
Jimmy Johnson free polls

Chris Berman vs. Linda Cohn

Yes, we are all about girl power here at the LLR. However, when it comes to grudge matches, the men usually walk away victorious, unless it's a brute of a woman like Roseanne Barr or Kathy Bates.

Edge: Linda Cohn. Unless the Swami can predict what this former college hockey player's next move is gonna be, Linda will take him to the mat.

Who is the ultimate victor?
Chris Berman
Linda Cohn free polls

Mike Tirico vs. Tony Kornheiser

Kornheiser spends every season emotionally beating up on Mike Tirico. So will Tirico unleash the rage of the season on Kornheiser or will the spotlight stealing Tony not allow himself to lose in a public forum?

Edge: Tirico. His rage is too much for any man to handle and plus he outweighs Kornheiser by about 80 pounds. And when was the last time a crotchety old Jew emerged victorious in a grudge match?

Who is the ultimate victor?
Tony Kornheiser
Mike Tirico free polls

Mike Lupica vs. Jim Rome

This is probably an unfair matchup as Mike Lupica is 100% worthless, but I would pay good money to the charity of Jim Rome's choice to watch him kick the tar out of Mike Lupica.


Edge: Jim Rome. Lupica is garbage and Jim Rome is, well, burning. And plus he bears a slight resemblance to Keith Hernandez and any resemblance, no matter how vague, gives one supreme ass kicking powers.

Who is the ultimate victor?
Mike Lupica
Jim Rome free polls

Scott Boras vs. Donald Trump


This is probably an example of two of humankind's worst specimens. In a dream world, they would both go down in this fight, but that ain't likely to happen. In my head the fight goes as such: Boras comes to the ring with A-Rod in his corner. When he starts winning, Trump pulls the "I'm afraid your friend A-Rod is actually my friend A-Rod" line from Casino Royale. A-Rod then gives Boras a stone cold stunner for a Trump victory.

Edge: The Donald. After nearly destroying the careers of Alex Rodriguez and Scott Boras and really wrecking the magic of baseball, Boras doesn't have much of a posse left. And these two men are far to sneaky to fight on their own.

Who is the ultimate victor?
Scott Boras
Donald Trump free polls

Phillie Phanatic vs. Stanford Tree

The Phillie Phanatic is known for his brawling. He has picked fights with David Wright, random fans and even members of his own team. He never backs down and is always ready to hand someone their ass. The Stanford Tree is a fricking tree... even though Stanford's team is known as the Cardinals.


Edge: Stanford Tree. There is no logical explanation for this other than we don't let the Fightin' Phils win a single match around here.

Who is the ultimate victor?
Phillie Phanatic
Stanford Tree free polls

Syracuse Orangeman vs. Dick Vitale

Dick is the college basketball staple, quite possibly because he has been around since good ole' James Naismith first hooked up that peach basket. He may be 135 years old, but he hasn't lost a single step. Though the Orangeman is a big pile of citrus fruit, and no one likes getting citrus in the eye.

Edge: Dick Vitale. Despite the Orangeman's hulking presence, he is essentially a big inflated balloon. Dickie V's high-pitched screams have taken down much bigger targets.

Who is the ultimate victor?
Dick Vitale
Syracuse Orangeman free polls

George Steinbrenner vs. Hank Steinbrenner

Here's another matchup where I would be all too delighted to watch both fighters take a dive. Shifty a-hole vs. shifty a-hole.

Edge: George. Hank is nothing if not a not exactly poor man's George. His dad would his ass and then sell the broadcast rights on pay per view for the low bargain price of $180 million over 8 years.

Who is the ultimate victor?
George Steinbrenner
Hank Steinbrenner free polls

Barack Obama vs. Coach K.

Coach K's main asset is his vicious temper, but the cool demeanor of Barack is enough to calm just about anyone. Barack has also taken down a POW in Vietnam, so Barack, who is just "a little too awesome", should have no problem with Coach K.

Edge: Barack

'Nuff said.

Who is the ultimate victor?
Barack Obama
Coach K free polls

Oklahoma State Cowboy vs. Plaxico Burress

Plaxico Burress is a big, badass football player who is known for crushing anyone in his path. The Oklahoma State Cowboy is most likely some computer science major who is scared of his own shadow.

Edge: Oklahoma State Cowboy. The biggest threat to Plax is Plax himself, so even if he was fighting my grandmother, she would probably emerge victorious. And plus, the OK Cowboy is actually allowed to carry his weapon in public.

Who is the ultimate victor?
Oklahoma State Cowboy
Plaxico Burress free polls

Alex Rodriguez vs. Derek Jeter


I feel that this is a matchup that has already occurred, most likely when there was only one tanning bed left at Hollywood Tans. These two gents are essentially the same person to me, except that one has Madonna and her man muscles in his corner and the other has only little Minka Kelly.

Edge: Alex Rodriguez. If my tanning bed theory holds any water, A-Rod is infinitely more orange than Jeter. That says to me he has already won Rounds 1-10.

Who is the ultimate victor?
Alex Rodriguez
Derek Jeter free polls

Alicia Sacramone vs. Chuck Liddell

Little girl gymnast vs. Ultimate Fighting Champion. Sounds simple enough, until you watch this:

Edge: Alicia Sacramone. Despite the obvious difference in experience and size, Chuck has a thing for the ladies and all Alicia really has to do is get one good punch off.

Who is the ultimate victor?
Alicia Sacramone
Chuck Liddell free polls

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Alexander Semin is a Little Bitch

Way to fight like a girly man, Semin. How about using your fists next time instead of flailing away like you're about to pull someone's weave out. This is hockey, not Harlem. Fight like you've got some damn sense.


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Ooh La La!

I'm so stoked over this interactive seating chart of Citifield, the Mets new home for the 2009 season and beyond. I did a fair amount of clicking around, and I have to admit all of my suppressed super-nerd tendencies came back in a flash. I spent a long while picking out where I want to sit for what games against what teams. SUPER-NERD! I told you so.

If you click on the top toolbar, only the level you select appears and everything else goes away. HOW COOL???? haha. Check it out, if you too have a secret nerdy side.


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Wednesday, January 7

"He (....) bit me!"

..and for that, Jarkko Ruutu was given a 2 games suspension. Thee end.

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Tuesday, January 6

"Dwayne Robertson, 2 minutes for ROPING!?"

No, this isn't D2 The Mighty Ducks; however, does the NHL need to implement a new penalty for BITING?! If you think Sean Avery is bad, then what is fellow pest of the NHL Jarkko Ruutu? Is he trying to de-throne the inactive Avery as the NHLs most hated player? (He already surpasses him on my list, frankly.)

I'm sure someone on your favorite team has had to deal with the likes of this - (pardon my lack of a better and more politically correct word) - "jerk" on many occasions. Well, he just took it up a notch in what I don't think I have ever heard of in sports, except in the Mike Tyson incident, by BITING an opponent!

Adding fuel to the rivalry between the Buffalo Sabres and Ottawa Senators, Ruutu proceeded to bite Andrew Peters when they were having an altercation in the first period of tonights game. (Maybe he was looking for a snack? He might have missed his pre-game lunch this afternoon.....) Anyway, so it was his finger and Peters had his glove on, but even so - are you kidding me? Ruutu claims that Peters was gouging his eyes out. This "altercation" seems to be a bit three stoogies for me, but Peters is the one with a bandaged finger and Ruutu can still see perfectly fine.

Ladies and Gents, this is hockey and we are not afraid to kick ass or throw down, but - BITING!? That's just a little foul. I think someone should knock Jarkko Ruutu out R.J Umberger style. (kidding. I'm not that mean.) ...but I would not mind him being put in his place a bit more...

In any event, the Buffalo Sabres took home the game, 4-2! Hats off to the first star of the game, Derek Roy, for stepping it up and yet again, getting another game winner. After being publicly called out less than a week ago with other teammates by head coach Lindy Ruff, Roy has responded with 3G and 4A in his last 3 games. He now leads the league in GWG with seven, 2 of which were in the last 3 games. Nice Job Royzie.

- Shinny

**UPDATE** 11:54AM 1/7/09

Ruutu has been summoned by the NHL for a hearing in order to explain his actions in last nights game. Stay tuned.

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All Hail King Henrik

Sidney Crosby should invest in scuba equipment because he was doing a far better job at diving than scoring goals last night. On the other hand if there is one sole reason why Crosby couldn't muster up more than some PIMs it was none other than King Henrik!

With a stellar performance in goal, and help from his teammates to finally connect on the power play, Henrik Lundqvist shut out the Pittsburgh Penguins 4-0. And if that wasn't enough to prove why he is one of the best in the League and should be in Montreal at the All-Star game later this month, check out the following article in Page Six Magazine on the man himself. Eye candy included.

- Shinny

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