Tuesday, October 28

Mets Defense Improves

The players on the corners for the Mets are known for a couple of things. David Wright is known for his slick fielding and throwing bullets over to first basemen Carlos Delgado. Delgado, himself, is known for hitting bombs in ballparks across America. Now the two are taking the euphemism to a literal extent. Delgado has been spotted in Chinatown buying bombs…well not really, but both did apply for a permit to carry a firearm. I guess they are sick of heckling Met fans taking out their frustrations of back-to-back collapses.
Sources say both were denied of the permit to carry firearms, but were granted permission to keep handguns at their multi-million dollar apartments, Wright in the Flatiron District, and Delgado on the Upper East Side. Best put…do not try to break into their homes. These guys can do some serious damage with a bat, but are now even more dangerous than before.

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