Friday, September 19

An Excuse To Put Up A Sexy Picture of Joe Mauer


And a damn good excuse at that. As the season comes to its final days, not only are we watching the pennant races, but we are watching to see who will take home the various crowns for stats.

Despite the fact that I am an NL girl, the stat races over there aren't nearly as interesting as the AL stats. Seems like those winners were decided back in July and the pecking order hasn't changed much. The AL, however, is an entirely different story.

So we sit and watch as the boys of the American League duke it out and positions are constantly rotating. And sometimes they look just like Mama Stars wants them to look. Like this morning. Who's leading the AL batting title race with a stunning average of .327? The future Mr. Stars!

Let's all take a minute to say thank you for the human wonder that is Joe Mauer, the only catcher to ever take home the title, and the owner of the sexiest sideburns I have ever seen. LLR's thoughts are with you. Take it to the house, Joey!

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