Friday, September 19

Commentary on Commentary Part II Keith Hernandez…the Man – the ‘Stache – The Out of Control


Color commentators these days are a dime a dozen. However when you have a commentator that is one egg short of a dozen, you have a recipe for entertainment. Keith Hernandez certainly does not have all of his nuts and bolts screwed in very tight. Perhaps that is what makes him so great. In part two of this blog, my focus lies on the wacky SNY broadcaster, whose antics can make light of any situation, from a jovial blowout, to an unprecedented collapse. Keith has the uncanny ability to be funny all of the time. In his years as a broadcaster I have not heard anything out of his mouth that hasn’t been extremely insightful, or hilarious.

First example, September 2, 2008. On a sharply hit falling line drive to left fielder Endy Chavez in a tie ballgame, Milwaukee Brewers second baseman Rickie Weeks tries to stretch it into a double. Testing the strong arm of Chavez, the fleet-footed Weeks appears to have beaten the throw to second. Weeks then decides to take an outside turn and hook slide into the base, taking out umpire Ed Rapuano. No doubt about it, quite a bonehead play. Hernandez was livid. He called the slide Bush League, and in the heat of rage was quoted as saying in a thundering voice, “HE NEEDS TO TAKE THAT SLIDE AND FILE IT!” Who says that? It was pure genius. Hilarious Keith Hernandez quotes are like water, abundant and essential. His remarks on the aftermath of the near riot in Florida were “That’s good old fashioned baseball.” You will not find another broadcaster in the league with the marbles to say that. On the day that the Shea Stadium countdown went down to 17 Keith was to pull the number off. Keith was present in body but not spirit. After a bad loss to the Astros the night before Keith was most definitely out all night getting wasted. That afternoon the camera showed a close up of the ceremony. Keith’s eyes were wandering around the stadium as he let out a tremendous yawn. Keith proceeded to stand dormant by the number as Mr. Met ended up taking the number down. When Gary questioned Keith about the lack of interest displayed in the ceremony, Keith’s reply was simply “You guys are lucky I’m here.”

Along with winning a World Series in ’86, Keith has also the won the coveted award of best mustache in sports.

Keith is like the Howard Stern of Major League broadcasters (minus the breast implant contests and fart sound effects). His fans adore him, and his haters despise him but are enthralled by what he will say next. And so a message to Keith, who will keep entertaining generations of baseball fans long after his time on earth expires, keep it up.

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I'm one of the haters. Nice piece.