Monday, August 18

Olympic Observations - Sistas are doin' it for themselves!

Ladies, ladies, ladies!!!!!!!!!!

WE ARE KILLIN' IT AT THE OLYMPICS THIS YEAR. I have never been more proud to have breasts than I do right now!

I must give props to all of the female Olympians, American and otherwise. Women were not even allowed to compete in the first modern Olympics. It was the 1900 Games of the II Olympiad in Paris, France where we first competed and won. Charlotte Cooper was the world's first female Olympic champion, winning the gold medal in singles tennis. She has paved the way for all of the female Olympians I remember from my childhood and the ones of today.

Who can forget Amanda Beard and her teddy bear? Mary Lou Retton doing what no American woman had ever done? Dominique Dawes, Shannon Miller and all of the "Magnificent Seven" from the '96 Atlanta Olympics? Romania's Constantina Tomescu-Dita who won this year's Women's marathon at age 38? And my personal favorite, Ms. Dara Grace Torres.

I LOVE THIS WOMAN. She is so friggin' fierce. She means BUSINESS. At 41 years old she is first US swimmer to compete in five Olympics: 1984, 1988, 1992, 2000, and 2008. She won at least one medal in each of those games. This woman has been owning bitches in the pool since before I can even remember!! She has a total of twelve Olympic medals - 4 of each. She is such an inspiration to women and girls alike. She was setting records as a 15-year old and she has never ceased to kick ass. It was such a beautiful sight to watch her step onto the Olympic podium for what will probably be the last time. Since she'll be 45 by the time the 2012 London Olympics come around, but if she does I'll be her #1 supporter!

Dara. Thank you. I <3 U 4 eva & eva.


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