Monday, August 18

LVP of the Week - Lying on an International Level


It is much to my chagrin that I am forced to award this week's LVP to a bunch of no good bums. And no, Dan Uggla did not three-peat (though he came damn close.) This week, on my radar and just about everyone else's (excepting a certain government faction), is the Chinese women's gymnastics team.

Now in all fairness, I am not entirely sure why the age limit rule exists. If I can smoke your ass at 14, you don't even want a piece of me when I am 18. But according to people who know more about gymnastics than I do (i.e. everyone), the youth hold a certain advantage being of lighter weight generally and less fearful. But whether the rule makes sense or not, it is the damn Olympic rule. And when you're involved in a competition of that kind of international magnitude, do you really think no one is going to check up on your cheating? This isn't like playing Uno with Action when we were kids. He took me at my word. 204 nations compete at the Olympics. Someone is going to figure your lying, cheating ass out.

He Kexin was listed earlier THIS YEAR in Chinese papers as being 14 years of age. But suddenly, the Chinese are producing a passport stating she is 16. Yeah, you know what? Give me 50 dollars and Adobe Photoshop and I can "prove" to you that Robert Redford is 16. Cut that shit out.

Shame on you, ladies.



Anonymous said...

I can't believe the judging in the gymnastics and diving areas... it was so clearly set up for china to win. Nastia deserved the parallel bars gold medal.

Anonymous said...

Even Bela said so! And when it comes to gymnastics, who doesn't believe every word out of Bela's mouth?