Monday, August 18

MVP of the week - Was there ever any doubt?

I'll keep this one short and sweet. Ladies and Gentlemen, a man who needs no introduction, the greatest human swimmer this planet has ever seen, Mr. Michael Phelps.

I saw it. You saw it. The entire world saw Phelps catapult himself into Olympic history by winning 8 gold medals in one Olympic outing - more than any other athlete in history.


It was an amazing moment. I was filled with an enormous amount of pride to see all unfold live before my eyes. Michael Phelps is officially the most famous athlete in the world. I honestly don't have anything else to say about the matter. I mean, seriously...WOW.

- boogie

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Anonymous said...

HES AMAZINGLY HOTTTT! i love him i want to go the the london olympics in 2012. Maybe ill meet him in the olympic village! lol i wish