Monday, December 1


Here we are…2 weeks into the season and our first major upset in the world of college basketball has occurred. Third ranked Louisville took on in-state “rivals” Western Kentucky. Perhaps Louisville should’ve taken Western Kentucky more seriously. The Hilltoppers made some noise in the NCAA tournament last year, making it all the way to the Sweet 16. WKU has already taken a leap at achieving national recognition as a legit program by beating the 3rd ranked team in the land thanks to the heroics of A.J. Slaughter. Slaughter dropped a career high 25 helping WKU beat its first top 3 ranked opponent since before the first Super Bowl was ever played.

Louisville essentially played themselves out of the game by shooting 2 for 20 from beyond the arc, and 15 for 56 from the field. Sources say that all pharmacies in the Louisville metro area are sold out of “Just for Men” hair color in jet black, but on a positive note Rick Pitino still has a full head of jet black hair.


Last year’s Cinderella team still has a tough road ahead. The schedule for Western Kentucky still has them playing the likes of Florida State, Georgia, and Mississippi State The toppers at 3-2 are having some difficulty with division opponents, but it seems the rest of the NCAA can’t seem to figure them out. With the victory Western Kentucky has improved its all time winning percentage to plus .500 against all teams representing the mighty Big East. The toppers are difficult to understand, but I predict they will be a solid team making a bid for the big dance once again.

In other news, the Tyler Hansbrough-less North Carolina Tarheels are demolishing everyone that steps on the floor with them, but who gives a crap. Ty Lawson may be the best player in college basketball right now, and Danny Graves is right behind him. I hate to say it but the Tarheels will be extremely difficult to contain this season. I have something special lined up for the first team that can beat them. Let’s go TERPS!!!

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