Monday, December 1

Plax Update

Here's what we know so far:

Plaxico Burress showed up to a Manhattan criminal court this morning and was arraigned on two separate counts of criminal possession of a handgun in the second degree after accidentally shooting himself in the thigh Friday night at a club in Midtown. He posted bail of $100,000 and must return to court on March 31, 2009. If convicted, Plax would face a mandatory sentence of 3 ½ years in state prison, with a maximum of 15 years for on each count.

Reports are that Burress was in the VIP area of the nightclub messing with the waistline of his pants when the .40 caliber pistol accidentally discharged. Burress and his entourage, including Giants teammate Antonio Pierce, then left the club. Burress was taken to the hospital shortly thereafter and released Saturday afternoon.

Meanwhile, the gun somehow ended up in Antonio Pierce's car with the magazine missing and the chamber cleared. Pierce could also be facing charges if police discover that he hid or attempted to hide the gun.

This shit is getting deep!! Stay tuned! I'm still not sure how to process all of it. I'm just so glad no one was seriously injured. I can't even begin to wrap my head around how the Giants organization will respond. Personally, now that I know there were no critical injuries or casualties, I'm focusing on the playoffs and not much else!


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