Monday, December 29

Time To Pack Manny

Looks like the Dodgers are tired of playing the waiting game with Manny Ramirez. Sources say that the Dodgers have made an offer to Adam Dunn, which leads me to believe that if Dunn signs they aren't goign to shell out the 45 mil over 2 seasons that they originally offered.

The interesting thing is that the teams who have the cash to spend on Manny, have either spent it on other players (Phillies - Ibanez | Yankees - Texeria) or simply have no interest in Manny (Cubs, Mets, Red Sox [now that would be comical]).

Will Manny have to settle for a one year deal, and really just shut up and play this year?

Manny was quoted just after the season as saying something along the lines of 'gas is going up and so am I'. Well Manny, unless you haven't noticed gas prices have dropped and yours will have to as well.


LadyMet said...

Perhaps a certain team from, oh say Queens will bite?
Whacha think?

Suth said...

Omar wants him, but ownership wants no part...