Monday, December 29

Help Wanted:: NFL

It seems like just yesterday when every team in the NFL had a coach (or at least an interm-49ers & Raiders) and yet today there are four head coaching vacancies. I am also certain that there will be more firings in the weeks to come.

While his record (23-25) during his three years in New York may not show it, Eric Mangini, apparently was not the man for the job. After finishing second in his division his first year as head coach, Mangini has led his team to two consecutive third place finishes.

Owners will usually forgive a bad first season (unless they are Al Davis) but if you're getting progressively worse, you're going to end up fired.

This is also the reason why both Romeo Crennel and Rod
Marinelli were fired. Crennel led the Browns to their best season in years just last season, but finishing this year 4-12 and with the team in turmoil it was time for a new face in Cleveland. And while Marinelli could push some of the blame off on to former Lions GM Matt Millen, if you can't win a game, I'm sorry but you're not going to be coaching next year.

This leads me to suggest who else I think will be looking for new coaches next year:

Kansas City Chiefs
Like I said above, you can not keep a coach who gets progessively worse. The Chiefs have gone under Herm Edwards from 9-7 his first season to just 2-13 this year.

Cincinatti Bengals
I believe that the Bengals may give Marvin Lewis another chance becasue of Carson Palmer missing most of this year. He has not done anything in recent years to change the attitude of the team. They need some fresh blood in there.

St. Louis Rams
Not only does their head coach need to go, but Marc Bulger needs to get lost. The Rams have not been as successful under him as they have hoped, and well it's time to move on.

Sidenote: Congratulations to Coach Mike Singletary on becoming the Head Coach of the 49ers after yesterdays win!!

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