Sunday, December 28

Now I See The Light

I never knew what all the fuss was about with respect to UFC. I'd seen a match or two in passing, but mixed martial arts never appealed to me in general. I'm back home in Virginia for the holidays, and I dropped in on some friends last night. They were getting wasted and watching the pay-per-view UFC fights. I had a few shots, some chips, some dip, and I actually paid attention to the fights as well. The result? I have a new found respect for the MMA AND (as you probably guessed) I have a new boyfriend.

Ladies, allow me to introduce Frank Mir.

OH.HELL.YES. How beautiful is he?? He walked into the ring and I screamed in ecstasy. Damn, my new boyfriend is sexy!

UFC - you officially have my attention! The men were so tasty I can't remember how many times I yelled "GET HIM BABY, GET HIM!" I had a new "baby" in every match. How come no one ever told me what I was missing???? Look for more UFC coverage on Ladies Locker Room in the future, for sure!

Oh yeah, in addition to being sexy, Frank Mir won his match last night against Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira, knocking him out in the second round. Mir's victory sets up a rematch with Brock Lesner for the UFC Heavyweight Championship in 2009. I almost forgot to mention that, oops :) Sometimes I have a one track mind.


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