Tuesday, December 2

No Juice For You.

CBSSsports reports:
"The NFL has suspended Charles Grant, Deuce McAllister and Will Smith of the Saints, Vikings DLs Pat Williams and Kevin Williams and Houston's Bryan Pittman for violating its steroid policy. All of these players are suspended through the end of the NFL's 2008 regular season and are eligible to return for the playoffs this year if their team advances that far. In a statement, the NFL said that "the players specifically violated a longstanding provision of the policy relating to the use of diuretics and water pills, which serve as masking agents for steroids and are potentially dangerous to the health of players. The policy states that the use of so-called 'blocking' or 'masking' agents, including diuretics and water pills, is prohibited and that a positive test will not be excused because it results from the use of a dietary supplement that unknowingly contained a banned substance. Supplements are not regulated or monitored by the government and players have been warned about the risks of supplement use."

Kids: Just say no.
Adults: Update your fantasy line-ups accordingly.


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