Tuesday, December 2

Nick, If Daniel Jumped Off A Bridge, Would You Do The Same?

According to Dan Graziano at the Star Ledger, the Mets have another slight problem on their hands:

Mets outfielder Nick Evans had an MRI on Monday at the Hospital for Special Surgery and was diagnosed with what the team described as a "mild quadriceps strain of the right knee"(sic). The Mets said Evans suffered the injury while playing winter ball in Puerto Rico (he last played on Nov. 19) and would undergo three-to-four weeks of therapy at home in Phoenix in preparation for spring training.

While the Mets Parade at LLR isn't too concerned about these injuries affecting the upcoming '09 season, we couldn't help but chuckle just a little bit. Daniel Murphy and Nick Evans have quickly emerged as the Mets new butt buddies. (We hope they stay from the kinds of activities that other Mets' BBs have enjoyed... a la D Dubs and Jose Reyes.)

Daniel and Nick might need a trial separation until they learn they don't have to have the same injuries to be besties. Be a leader, not a follower, Nicky.

- stars

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Anonymous said...

Am I the only excited by Adam Rubin's Daily News blog yesterday? David Wright, Nick Evans, Daniel Murphy took BP in Citifield before season ended, to test the dimensions. Was that the future heart of our beloved Mets, playing in the future stadium?
Oh, to have been a blade of grass in the outfield to watch...