Wednesday, December 3

Nets Courtside (Dec. 2)

I wasn't technically "courtside" but I was like 5 rows behind the Nets bench for last night's spanking against the Wizards. Anyway, while I really am not a true Nets fan or a basketball fan in general, I thought the game was rather...ummm HORRIBLE. I did, however, take a couple of things away from the game:

1. Unlike when the Mets or Yankees are having a bad season, Nets fans come out and show their support:
This picture was taken late in the game, but that didn't matter much. I've been to high school sporting events that have drawn bigger crowds.

2. Vince Carter loves the bench. For someone who is his team's best player, VC sure did spend a whole lot of times in the second half sulking on the bench. Now I don't know if this was his fault or Lawrence Frank's but when you're only down by 10 you don't pull your BEST player from the game.

3. Speaking of Lawrence Frank, he ummm....does NOT have the respect of his players. And first of all, I don't blame them he stinks. Frank was calling out things from the bench and both Devin Harris and Vince Carter would ignore him/do what he said half heartedly. I probably wouldn't listen if my coach was a leprechaun either...
He's like 5'5 TOPS.

Other cool pictures:

Notice VC and Harris paying no mind to the huddle.

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