Wednesday, December 3

A Peace Offering

With all the arrests, convictions, fines, steroid abuse and skankdom going on in sports today (not to mention the internal argument here on LLR - Boogie and Suth are about to get served a Stars timeout), I thought we needed a little something to brighten the mood.

So without further adieu... what the world needs now is boys, sexy boys. And shoot..I thought I would treat you all to an influx of new sexies that I tend to ignore. So if you're looking for Mauer... well, I might find a minute to put in a tiny picture.

Jason "J-Pom" Pominville

This sexy Buffalo Sabre right wing has had me dreaming of upstate New York all season long. Unfortunately, he is engaged to a lucky bitch named Kim. Sigh.

Tyler Hansbrough

Despite the fact that Tyler is kicking ass for Duke archenemy UNC, Hansbrough has erupted as a bit of a fan favorite here at LLR... mostly by Action. We take pride in the men of LLR and their unrelenting man crushes. Tyler is pretty sexy though. You boys have excellent taste.

Matt Cassel

This one is a special gift for my Mama who is apparently plotting to leave dear old dad, Ed57, for the Pats' new QB.

Stephen Curry

Shining star of Davidson and MVP of the NCAA tournament last year, we dig him.

Cole Hamels

That's right. A Philadelphia Phillie. If that won't teach Boogie and Suth to get along, I don't know what will.

Here's to peace on earth and good will to (sexy) men!


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