Wednesday, December 3

NFL Players with Guns

Here's a different perspective on the issue. I've got so many mixed feelings about all of this, its hard to keep things straight or even develop a real opinion! To that end, I want to bring you all as much information as possible so you decided how you feel about it all.

We all remember the Sean Taylor tragedy from almost exactly a year ago, and the outpouring of emotion around the NFL. It has been said that Sean Taylor would be alive if he had a gun that day. It has also been said that Sean Taylor would be alive if NO ONE had a gun that day.

I visited McFaddens on 42nd Street and 2nd Avenue last Sunday, and I had a great conversation with Alex, a Bill's fan. She echoed the sentiment that life as a superstar athlete isn't always as glamorous as it looks on television. These guys deal are often seen as targets. Some of them come from rocky backgrounds in violent places. Like it or not, many NFL players do feel the need to carry weapons. Why they don't feel the need to legally register these weapons is beyond me.

The New York Post has a fantastic article on the matter. Do yourself a favor, keep an open mind and read this one. Do it for me :)



Suth said...

major difference happens to be that ST was shot by intruders in his home while he was protecting his fiance and child, while the moron on the Giants roster shot HIMSELF AT a CLUB...and while we still have to await the legal portion of all of this, a couple things are true,
1. Plax is a moron
2. Plax shot himself, and there was a cover up at the hospital (people have been fired already)
3. ST was a better player than Plax.
4. Plax is a moron

boogie said...

Well at least you and Plax have something in common. I'm trying to open people's minds here and you choose to perpetuate negativity. Thanks for nothing.

Suth said...

Open people's minds to what per say? That athlete's should get a free pass because they entertain us.
Comparing Plax and ST is a disgrace to what Sean was doing that night for his family. I'm sorry, but when you bring a loaded handgun to a club, you're asking for trouble. If this were Adam 'Pacman' Jones you'd be on the "He's an absolute moron" bandwagon with me.
I also don't buy the argument that this is the lifestyle these guys grew up in, because TONS of professional athletes have come from nothing and have played their careers without doing the stupid stuff today's athletes do (not just Plax). The problem is with the system that spoon feeds these guys and helps them get out of any trouble they may run into.

boogie said...

OF COURSE NOT KEITH, DON'T BE AN IDIOT. I'm not excusing anything anyone has done. What I am saying is let us look at all angles of this situation before we judge someone. I said nothing about a free pass and neither did anyone in the Post article. I would never venture to say Plaxico did nothing wrong.

AND You have no idea what I would say if this were Pacman, so don't assume to know my feelings. Pacman has been in trouble with the law several times in several states. He's shown himself to be a consistent criminal. Plaxico has never been in trouble with the law before. Considering he grew up in the Green Run section of Virginia Beach, that's a mighty feat. I know this because I grew up in Virginia Beach, you didn't. Is it too much for you to consider that Plaxico might be a good person WHO MADE A MISTAKE? All I'm saying with this article is look at both sides of the story before jumping to conclusion and making judgement. I think it would do us all a world of good not to go throwing around our preconceived notions and judgements. Try it sometime.

boogie said...
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boogie said...

AND I didn't compare Plax to Sean Taylor. I merely made a statement regarding gun ownership in this country. If you remember correctly Sean Taylor was no angel. In 2005 He was charged with 3 felony aggravated assault with a firearm charges and misdemeanor battery. The case ended in 2006 with a plea bargain and then Sean turned his life around. You just may be singing a different tune about Plaxico when this is all over. All I'm saying is DON'T RUSH TO JUDGEMENT.

boogie said...

Excuse me - Never been in trouble with the law save for two domestic disturbances this fall that were later dismissed. Who hasn't had a disturbance or two at their house at some point? This is Plaxico's first arrest.

Alex said...

Hey Boogie! I'm the aforementioned Bills fan from McFaddens! It was so nice to meet you, and I'm psyched to be a fan of your blog. I enjoy it a lot! Reppin' for the ladies! :)