Wednesday, October 22

Why Does This Just Make You Sexier?


I understand that perhaps my love for David Wright has been outshined, and rightfully so, by my love for Joe Mauer. But this isn't a catch in his own right. I mean, who would turn down a sexy well-paid third baseman with just a little bit of a Souther twang? Certainly not I. But sometimes David is just a little too boyishly cute. You know when David is at his best? When he throws down his helmet, fuming at a called strike three and looks like he just might lose control. That, my friends, is a man. And what woman isn't looking for a man?

And this skewed logic is precisely what's got me on Team Longoria something fierce, According to an article by the Boston Herald, Evan Longoria got a little big for his britches and pissed off BoSox fans something fierce.  And it's sexy as hell.

Longoria was spotted after Game 4 soaked in champagne with a mystery blonde, yelling to anyone who would listen that, "It's all over now!"  He then proceeded to enter the back of a Boston police cruiser and demand that the officer take him home.  The member of Boston's finest did not oblige.

It wasn't over then.  But it is now.  And Evan just got a little more manly.  He can get in the back of my car any day of the week.  I will take him home.

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