Thursday, October 23

Lil Wayne calls the World Series

From Lil Wayne's blog on

"I still like the Rays to win the World Series. The Phillies' hitters are tough. They can shut your starting pitchers down fast and as for pitching, they've got Brad Lidge, and Cole Hamels is nice, but wow. I did not expect them to make the World Series. A lot of people are talking about Lidge and how he blew the save in the NLCS a few years ago but I guarantee he's not thinking about Albert Pujols right now. He's thinking about 46 saves in 46 tries. The number right there is scary. He's riding that wave. With that fact alone this should be a great World Series, but I still think the Rays are gonna come out on top. I'm basing that on the home field advantage."

Looks like Lil Weezy has joined boogie and stars on TEAM LONGORIA! The Rays are about to make it rain on them scrubs from Philly. Game 2 from Tampa Bay is on Fox tonight at 8pm EST.

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