Friday, October 10

Top 5 A-Holes In The NFL

There are lots of players who qualify for A-Hole, but these are my choices of Top 5 A-Holes in the NFL.
5. Philip Rivers - For someone who hasn't won a Super Bowl or done anything remarkable, it's amazing to me what a jackoff this guy is. I mean he yells at other QBs on the field, yells at fan and teammate - he's just an absolute jackass. Plus, he looks like he probably has herpes or something, which can't be good for anyone.

4. Terrell 'I Cry Weekly' Owens - I have no real reason to put T.O. here. Well, yeah, I do. I mean, he call Jeff Garcia gay after T.O. left the Niners, and then went on to say it was McNabb's fault they lost the Super Bowl. However, now T.O. just seems to cry (literally) every week, which is just annoying. Is he going through menopause?

3. Travis Henry - Jon & Kate Plus 8 have nothing on Travis, who is apparently the father of nine children by nine women! Dude must drink OJ and take Vitamin C supplements like it's his job, because I mean he hasn't been playing football. Oh, and by the way, Travis was recently arrested for drug trafficking! I mean seriously?

2. Adam 'Pac Man' Jones- Pacman gets enough publicity that I don't have to name all the things he's been involved in, which range from shootings to confiscation of his car during a drug deal. However, Pacman just doesn't seem to learn, and because of this is known as an A-Hole. We'll see what happens after his latest incident of fighting WITH HIS BODYGUARD!

1. Leonard Little - Little, who is a sleeper pick for #1 A-Hole, by my standards should not be allowed to play in the NFL or even roam the streets freely. Personally, I believe the he should be locked up. You may not know, but in 1998 after a birthday bash, Little killed a woman while driving his car under the influence. The manslaughter charge landed him in jail for 90 days. Then in 2004, Little was again arrested for DUI and speeding. Shouldn't he have learned his lesson after he...umm...killed someone? If Mr. Goodell is holding the league to such high standards, this guy should be the first to go.

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