Saturday, October 11

Jose Canseco Just Doesn't Know When to Quit


After being a dominant player in a scandal that rocked the baseball world, it seems Jose Canseco still hasn't learned his lesson. Canseco was caught with HGC, which essentially is a drug that reverts your balls to normal size after a round of steroid treatment.

Now, the question is.. is he kidding me? Is he absolutely kidding me? The man marred his name and his otherwise brilliant career with steroids and he is back on the wagon. Anabolic steroid abusers do face some of the pains of drug withdrawal, so quitting for Jose may not be as easy as he would like.

But here's the thing, Jose retired from Major League Baseball in 2002. What, pray tell, does he need steroids for? His independent baseball league that he no longer plays for? His celebrity boxing match stints? Or maybe just to beat the tar out of more people at clubs?

Jose is a damn shame.

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