Friday, October 10

Ladies, Do Not Date This Man

Ambiorix Burgos. Two months ago, this lunatic allegedly slammed his girlfriend into the floor of a hotel room and then bit her breast during a domestic dispute just a few miles from Shea Stadium.

First of all, let me get this straight...he can't pitch and he's been going through rehab, but he has the ability to slam women around in hotel rooms.

Now he is in custody after an alleged hit-and-run of two women in the Dominican Republic that ended with both women dead. Yesterday, Burgos was taken into custody.

First of all, you've got a White Sox hat on. While I know fitted caps are fashionable, you play for the New York Mets (who do have a black hat that would've matched). What did he think? I play for Los Mets, if I wear another team's hat I bet they won't be able to tell who I am...

Secondly, how often do you see people smiling when being arrested by Ramon Castro's body double?

The sad part about this picture is the little kid's hand grabbing his right arm. You've gotta feel for kids who have got a**holes as parents (think Travis Henry-9 kids, 9 different women).

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