Thursday, October 23

Swedish Hockey Fans Is Craaaazaaayy


Jan Huokko, a bulky defender from the Leksand hockey club in Sweden, must have done something entirely offensive to warrant what rained down on him on Tuesday night. Huokko, a member of the Leksand club in Sweden's second-tier pro league and a former player with AIK, is either packing nothing or extra dirty in bed.

Prior to Tuesday's match, the website for AIK's official supporter group instructed fans to bring dildos to the game either to remind Huokko of his sex tape that had made it to the internet or in case they got really, REALLY bored.

Before the game even began, the ice was littered with dozens of dildos and a giant banner was raised throughout the stands stating, "Bend Over, Bitch!"

And here I thought that was proper Date 2 etiquette.

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