Friday, October 24

Rays Sting Back - Series Tied 1-1

Without the power of Cole Hamels on the mound, one has to wonder just what can the Phillies do to stop the Rays from taking the World Series right out from their grubby paws? He can't pitch every game, a fact that I am sure causes Charlie Manuel to lose sleep at night, so they have to rely on the rest of the team.

And as the series moves back to Philadelphia, a movement that would normally elate the team without homefield advantage, I have to wonder if the Phils would rather stay down in Tampa. Philadelphia is a homerun hitters park and with the bats of Longoria, Upton, Pena, and shoot... the whole rest of the line-up, it may not look good for the Fightin' Phils. But let's see just how Tampa can hold up without their beloved DH rule.

Team Longoria, anyone?

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