Friday, October 24

Heads Up!

Heads up is going to become my weekly Friday post. I will be giving you a quick look at what games to watch for in the upcoming weekend.

NCAA Football - We're So Close...
There are a few games this weekend that really intrigue me. First, you've got the battle for bragging rights in Michigan where the Wolverines (2-5) take on the Spartans (6-2). The Wolverines haven't had the success they were hoping for under Rich Rodriguez's short tenure, but maybe they'll start to turn it around against their in-state rivals?

The second game that caught my eye was UCLA (3-4) v. CAL (4-2). Probably two of the teams I usually find myself routing for (especially when they play USC) are taking the field this weekend in another in-state battle. Look for former USC Offensive Coordinator's, Norm Chow, Offense to have some big plays.

Obviously on everyone's radar will be the #1 Texas v. #6 Oklahoma St. game. Texas manhandled Missouri last week and look to cruise into Oklahoma St. to do the same. Don't be surprised if Oklahoma St. doesn't go down as easy though...

Saturday night, The Ohio State (9) takes on Penn State (3) in the battle of the 2 states no one cares to drive through when going cross county. Just because of their uniforms and they have Joe Pa, I'm looking for Penn State to pull this one out...

NFL - Reggie Bush Ruined This Week
The NFL Scheduling Committee planned a game this week that would've featured 2 of the league's best running backs (LT & Bush). However, Bush is now injured and most of the other NFL games this week lack any type of interest. Thanks Reggie. However, the AFC East matchup between the Bills & Dolphins should be rather interesting, and the Titans play the Colts on MNF in an attempt to remain the only unbeaten team.

MLB - 3-1?
Look for the Rays to march into Philly and take 2 games this weekend (Sat & Sun). F U Rollins.
Yes, this picture just doesn't get old.

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