Sunday, October 26

Game 4 Observations

A few things occured to me during Game 4 that I feel compelled to share with the world. Allow me to vent just a little.

1. Patti Labelle - That was possibly the worst version of the Star Spangled Banner that I've ever heard in my entire life. Did you really sing "at the skylight's last gleaming"? I'm almost positive that the correct word is TWILIGHT. What kind of American singer doesn't know the correct words our nation's anthem? REALLY?

2. The umpires in this World Series have been OFF. Longoria CLEARLY got the tag on Jimmy Rollins in that first inning play at third base. Third base should have been empty when Pat Burrell walked. I was PISSED.

3. The Philadelphia Phillies are playing really well and, by God, they CAN NOT WIN THE WORLD SERIES. I will not have it!&*^(Q$#&(*)#@$Q)&!!

I shouldn't be this angry on my friggin' birthday! The Rays victory would have been a wonderful birthday gift, but it wasn't to be. Ryan Howard's second home run of the game made the final score 10-2, and the Phillies take a commanding 3-1 lead in this World Series. It's getting a little difficult to remain a TEAM LONGORIA cheerleader. I need to consult with Stars about what to do. I'm starting to panic over here!


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