Tuesday, September 16

Why Fantasy Football Can Lick My West Coast Butt

I hate fantasy football. Really, I do. I am in the middle of a heart-wrenching NL East pennant race and I do not have the patience for anyone else to screw with me. This is why fantasy football is going down.

As we all know, the Ravens-Texans game was cancelled this week due to the terrible hurricane that is taking over the South. While my prayers are with everyone affected by this natural disaster, I will not be saving any of my kind thoughts for those at CBS Sports. I took the Ravens for my defense which is fine by me. They are a somewhat decent team and as I am learning, defense isn’t where you rack up your big points anyway. I don’t have a backup defense because I only have 5 players in reserve and I elected to pick up a QB, 2 Receivers, and 2 Running Backs. I figured I would pick up and drop a defense when the Ravens bye week arrived.

Well ladies, take note. This strategy caused me to lose (and I am a big fat sore loser) by 6 ridiculous points this past week. 6 points that seemingly ANY DEFENSE IN THE LEAGUE could have picked up for me. So my record is now a shameful 1-1 and I am livid.

And why does it make me hate living on the West Coast? Simply put, I get less time than everyone else unless I want to set my alarm for 5 AM on a Sunday to check my stats. The Baltimore-Houston game was rescheduled on Thursday the 11th to be played Monday night. The game was not officially rescheduled for November 9th until late Saturday night.. at which point I was already out for the evening. By the time, I woke up at 9 IN THE MORNING ON A SUNDAY and attempted to drop the Ravens defense to pick up any available defense, it was too late.

And now my record looks shameful through no fault of my own other than not checking fantasy football from a friend’s birthday party… which you can bet your bottom dollar I will be checking it at the bar this Saturday night. I think I’m developing an addiction.


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