Thursday, September 11

No Love Lost

As a baseball fan, you have to be able to relate to this sentiment. Beautiful. Just beautiful. I cried more than once and I'm not even a Cubs fan. Click here.

Please check out the link above. Take some time and read through the profiles and watch the short accompanying videos. Any baseball fan will be able to relate to what these people feel. Billy Corgan's testimonial is one of my favorites. I think that if I had been born in Chicago, I'd feel the same way he does.

No one should have to wait 100 years. It's just not natural. Everyone should feel the thrill, the joy, the accomplishment in their hearts of their favorite team winning a championship at some point in their lifetime. It saddens me that some people, including Ill Orange's grandfather, lived their whole lives without ever witnessing the Cubs win it all.

I've said it since April, and I'll say it again. If this isn't the year for my Mets, then please God, let it be the Cubs. Let it be the Cubs.



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