Wednesday, September 10

Bye Bye Brady

Holy Moly! Tom Brady is out for the season with a serious knee injury. He's torn both his ACL and MCL and must undergo surgery and months of rehab to get back on top.

I dislike Tom Brady...I dislike him a lot. HOWEVER, I'm not happy about this injury. I was really curious to see how he and the rest of the Patriots would bounce back this season from that devastating (and beautiful!) upset in Superbowl XLII. How the team is in the hands of Matt Cassel, who has big shoes to fill indeed.

Now that the entire NFL world has been shaken up sufficiently, the question is this:


I am SO ready! Week 1 was awesome, and I can't even wait until next Sunday. I'm gonna drop by on Mama Stars so we can watch her boyfriend Brett Favre take it to the house against the Brady-less Patriots. As my Mass-hole friends would say, I'm wicked excited!

Now I have to do some plotting. My biggest Fantasy Football competition has been crippled - no pun intended - and I intend to take FULL ADVANTAGE. Fantasy Football reports from Stars and I to come very soon!


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