Tuesday, August 5

MVP of the Week - Brett Motherf*ckin' Favre


I previously had strayed away as I felt this Brett Favre story was being overdone. But today I decided, Brett is a goddamn legend. He is possibly the greatest QB to ever play the game and I will report on him until I am blue in the face if I feel like it. And frankly, this week (like many, MANY other weeks in his career), Brett has earned the honor of MVP of the week. Let me shed a little light on new reasons why Brett is the unparalleled king of the pigskin.

Not only is Brett a 3 time AP MVP, the wearer of a Super Bowl ring, and holder of countless NFL records, but he maintains the one characteristic most important to me in players that I love. Simply put, the man loves the game. And that warms my heart and makes me want to flip off the Packers office management and their fans.

How many people do you know that would be offered 20 MILLION DOLLARS to sit their ass at home and would turn it down, for the love of the game? If someone out there wants to give me 5 bucks, I promise not to leave the couch. But not Brett. He is the embodiment of the game.

And now that it's looking unlikely that Brett will be returning to the Pack (good riddance to them!), you can bet your bottom dollar that the Ladies of LLR will be rocking that #4 Favre jersey, no matter what color it is. Cuz it doesn't matter where the stadium is, you are always in Brett's house.

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