Tuesday, August 5

LVP of the Week

Green Bay Packers, you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Tell me what you guys are smoking up there in Wisconsin - and then send some my way. I mean, SERIOUSLY. Please, give me a good reason why you won't move forward with Brett Favre at the helm of your team. I'm waiting...

TIME'S UP. There is NO good reason for this debacle to be taking place. In your hands you have the man that most analysts, athletes, and fans consider the best QB to EVER play the game. This is the same man who has countless NFL records and awards, lead you to a Superbowl win in '97, and brought you only one game away from the big dance just last season. WHY IS HE NOT YOUR STARTING QUARTERBACK?

I understand wanting to move forward and build for the future of your team with Aaron Rodgers, but REALLY. At this point, Aaron would be most helpful playing sponge and sucking up every piece of QB knowledge he can get until his turn comes around. The fact of the matter is, the second Brett Favre said "Hey guys, I think I want to come back" you should have said, "Yeah? We'll then we will all sit down with Aaron, get on the same page, and then let's DO THIS!" It's that simple. As your friend and mine, Ms. Stars said so eloquently, "Unless the new QB was sent straight from God to Lambeau, he should sit on the bench until Brett no longer feels like playing!"

I couldn't have put it better myself.

Anything less is just disrespectful. You don't disrespect a legend that way! When Michael Jordan came out of retirement, the Chicago Bulls didn't say "Thanks for the Three-peat, but we're gonna go ahead with Ron Harper, so we don't need you. Peace." OF COURSE NOT. They got on their knees, bowed down to His Airness and said "Thank you for blessing us with your presence on this team!" And we all know that he blessed them with ANOTHER THREE-PEAT before retiring for again. What's the lesson here, Packers? Don't look a legend gift horse in the mouth.

Come on, Green Bay! FIX THIS. It's not too late! In the meantime, you are so well deserving of this week's LVP award, its not even funny.

- boogie

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