Tuesday, August 26

Let The Kid Play!


I love the emotional roller coaster that is being a sports fan. You can't fully enjoy the highs without hitting the ultimate lows (Hey, this is what being a Mets fan is all about!) So as much as I love the great victories and am devastated by the epic defeats, I understand their place in the grand scheme of things. Though I will ask that no one remind me of this post should my Amazins not take home the pennant this year – that will NOT get you on my good side.

But every now and then, something comes along that is so heinous, that it can’t be forgiven. Something that makes you wonder what the world is coming to and how damn cruel people can be. Today I read a story that falls into that category.

Little 9 year old Jericho Scott. The kid is as adorable as they make them and has apparently been blessed with a gift to throw the ball hard. And not only is he throwing 40mph at the age of 9, but he's throwing accurately. Meaning not only is he nasty good, but he isn't endangering anyone.

Jericho on August 13th was told he could not pitch, for literally no other reason than he is too good. The following Wednesday his coach put him on the mound and the other team walked off and forfeited. There's a wonderful ego boost for everyone involved. Jericho feels bad that he is causing such trouble and the kids on the opposing team are having it reinforced to them that they are simply not good enough to hit him, so why try?

So by telling this young talent that he can't pitch, what kind of message are we sending? We are telling Jericho that essentially he shouldn't work hard to be his best as it's a hindrance to others. We are telling the other kids that when you aren't good, it doesn't matter. Some bureaucratic bastard will remove the obstacles for you. Go on, be mediocre! Don't put in the extra time and effort to be your very best because we will just red tape everything in your way. I am disgusted by what's happening.

Well Jericho, we here at LLR have your back all the way. Remember that Nolan Ryan and Michael Phelps and Joe Montana didn't get to where they were because other people made them feel bad about their skill. You go out there and you pitch and you win one for the LLR! We love you, kid.


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