Wednesday, August 27

Someday We’ll Go All The Way

So there are couple things that are different about me from Boogie and Stars who you normally hear from on LLR. The first and most obvious is I, in fact, do have balls. However that is of no importance in a sports blog. The difference that is more important is the fact that I am not an NL East guy. More specifically, I am not a New York Mets fan. I am a Chicago Cubs fan.

I am one of the bigger Chicago Cubs fans you will meet. I don’t really know the stats and remember every play of every game the way some of my brethren (and sisters) do. I, however, am one who allows the emotions of the game get to him. I actually do this for all of my teams (Chi Town stand up!). It changes my day when my teams lose. If my teams lose, its hard for me to watch Sportscenter that night. This has been very difficult over the past 27 years of being a Chicago Cubs miss a lot of ESPN.

While I have been struggling with this difficult task of being a supporter of the Loveable Losers for my whole life, my dad and his generation have in fact doubled my sentence. While my biggest heart wrenching moment has been 2003 (they year it was blamed on pour Steve Bartman), my dad has been old enough to sit through 1969 (Mets comeback), 1984 (“Go Cubs Go” singer Steve Goodman dies, Cubs win 2 then lose 3 in a row to SD), 1989 (Will Clark leads the Giants into Chicago) and 2003. Now, the Cubs have been competitive a few other times, but these were special teams that seemed like they could be the one. They seemed that they could be the one, but 1908 is still forever tattooed on all of our minds.

1908. William Taft was elected. It was the first time a ball was dropped for the New Year in Time Square. The first oil was discovered in the Middle East. Jack Johnson knocked out Tommy Burns to be the first African- American Heavyweight Champion. You get the picture. The things like “avoid Time Square on New Years Eve,” “lets go to war to get oil from the Arab nations” and “always bet on black” weren’t even ideas yet!

We are not accustomed to seeing a lot of success on the North Side of Chicago. At the same time in the past few seasons, we have watched the two other longest streaks in the Boston Red Sox and cross town rivals Chicago White Sox each win. We also saw our biggest rival the St. Louis Cardinals win as well. Now I don’t believe in curses or any of that, however it should be noted that we blew it in 2003, the Red Sox won in 2004 and the White Sox won in 2005. The two teams that were our suffering partners got invited to the dance right after we got our hearts broken.

The most dangerous thing a Chicago Cubs fan can do is get comfortable with success. I was taught at an early age by my dad to never say things that may come back to haunt you. It scares me when they show the people in the stands at Wrigley with signs that say, “This Is Our Year,” “This Year Is Next Year” or “Its Gonna Happen.” That is asking for trouble. Eddie Vedder, a big Cubs fan, and performs a song this summer that he wrote called “Someday We’ll Go All The Way.” The song is about Wrigley and us fans waiting but still having the Cubs backs 100 years later.

I simply prefer to take it one game at a time… bottle my excitement and hope… hope like you have to idea. All you can do is cheer and wait… and hope that our hearts aren’t ripped out again.

I just want them to win so our dads can see what many of our grandfathers didn’t. But, if they don’t win… There’s always next year.

Go Cubs Go! Go Cubs Go!
Hey Chicago What Do You Say?
The Cubs Are Gonna Win Today!

-ill orange

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