Tuesday, July 22

Tazered? Really, Dude?

Now in the spirit of bringing class to a team instead of being surrounded in some foolish drama, I would like to take a minute to talk about Tampa Bay Bucs safety, Donte Nicholson. Early Sunday Morning, Donte Nicholson got into a scuffle with security guards outside a bar and was twice tazered before he was eventually arrested.

Nicholson... while I don't necessarily know that the police needed to twice taze your dumb, dumb ass, I need to question... What the hell were you doing that caused the cops to feel that was necessary? You know how many times I have been to a bar? 16, 000, 342. You know how many times I have been nailed with a tazer? ZERO.

According to reports, Donte was outside and as it was closing time, when he tried to re-enter the bouncers wouldn't let him. Now instead of turning tail and going home (as I am sure by closing time, you had your drink going on already), Nicholson decided to flash his blinging watch, hit a security guard in the face with it, and then try to proclaim he plays for the Bucs. Tampa Bay hasn't won a Super Bowl in the last 5 years. You know what was big 5 years ago? Lumidee. Yeah, no one remembers her either, Donte. Jon Gruden ought to bench your ass for acting such a fool.

Or next time the women of LLR will taze you before the police even know you're acting up.

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