Wednesday, July 23

30 Days of Glory Take 3 - Los Angeles Angels

Before I even kickstart this, why is it that they switched from Anaheim to Los Angeles? They certainly didn't move from Anaheim. And not only that, but there is already a Los Angeles team. This goes in my list of things I will never understand if I live to be 100; right up there with "Why would anyone sleep with Snoop Dogg?" Ugh, now I have that visual in my head.

But onwards and upwards, I am back for Day 3 of The Sexiest Men in the MLB. Today's selections come from the city-ambiguous Los Angeles/Anaheim Angels. This was not nearly as scintillating a task as the Twins were yesterday. But maybe I still have Joey Mauer in my head. Damn, that boy is fine. Someone remind me that Joe had his day and I must march on. So allow me to the introduce my picks.

2nd Runner Up:

Francisco Rodriguez


Not a bad looking specimen. Though he practices Santeria, so I might just watch from a distance.

1st Runner Up:

Justin Speier


Justin was a Marine. I searched for a picture of him in dress blues, but couldn't find it. but that image in my head alone is good enough to make him first runner up.


Jon Garland


Ok, Jon. You're all right by me. I would let you buy me a Slurpee. And not just because you once had a ridiculous appearance on the Bernie Mac show.

Honorable Mention:

Juan Rivera


Ok, you? You're my honorable mention? You. Are. Nasty. Just shows what I was working with here. I wish it was Twins day again.

Excuse Me While I Throw Up In My Mouth:

Jered Weaver

I'm surprised he didn't have his Angels uniform customized in camoflauge. If anyone out there has pictures of Jered in camo, please send them to me. I have something I could do with that.

There you have it. I am treating myself to Red Sox day tomorrow cuz this was just a hot mess.

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