Tuesday, July 22

30 Days of Glory Take 2 - Minnesota Twins

2nd Runner Up:

Carlos Gomez


Reasons Carlos Made the List: That sweet face and the way he looks crouching down like that
Reason Carlos Isn't Higher On the List: He's batting a .154 for the month. I can't even compute that number. You're lucky you're pretty, Carlos, or Twins fans would be really mad at you these days.

1st Runner Up:

Justin Morneau


Ok, what? I wouldn't mind burying myself in that upper body. I will show Justin some clearly Canadian. (I'm not even Canadian - I have no idea what I just meant.)


Joe Mauer

Sweet dear Lord in Heaven. It is for men like this that women still keep bothering. If I were to wake up tomorrow and roll over to see fine ass Joey laying next to me, I think I would shed a solitary tear then make sure I kept him there for weeks. The things that are going through my head right now are certainly NSFW and could most likely get me arrested. But Joe, if you're out there reading this, hit me up. I will show you exactly what I'm talking about.

Honorable Mention:

Brendan Harris


With that adorable face and his "always having a good time" attitude, what's not to love about Brendan?

Hell to the Hell No:

Dennis Reyes


When I look at Dennis Reyes, I puke a little in my mouth. Rule Numero Uno: When your gut could feed a decent sized village, please don't tuck your shirt in. Your head is a giant pumpkin and frankly, writing about you is making me dizzy.

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