Friday, July 25

On the Favre Bandwagon


OK, other than maybe the Madonna/Cynthia/A-Rod story, the "What in the Sam Hill is Brett Favre doing?" is the most talked about topic in sports right now. I have strayed away from reporting on it thus far as there isn't much to say that hasn't already been said and said 'til everyone is sick of hearing about it. However, driving to work yesterday, I had on my local rock station and they were talking about something I found hysterical. So I bring to you my two cents on the Favre soap opera.

EA Games is pissed. And more importantly, John "How many turkey legs can I put on this bird?" Madden is pissed. And I can't stop laughing. Fine, Brett. You've enraged Ted Thompson and you have created a war between the Packers and the Vikings. All of this, I can accept. But when you manage to piss off a video game, you are undeniably out of control. (And I say this with all the love in the world, because Mama Stars might disown me if I speak an ill word of Brett.)

Every year, it seems something goes wrong with the cover of the Madden game. So much so, that a large portion of the football population believes in the Madden cover curse. And believe me, it's a lot scarier than all the things that go bump in the night. Many players have seen declines in performance and injuries post receiving this "honor". He even had Michael Vick on the cover one year and I think we all know how that turned out.

So this year, Johnny Boy goes for the safe choice. Someone in retirement who has nothing to fear of injury or declining stats. Someone who won't possibly get traded so the cover remains relevant. Nothing can go wrong, right? Wrong. He's done it again. John Madden has managed to actually pull Brett Favre out of retirement so he can (most likely) face a season of injury and really tarnishing his legacy.

And they're mad at him? If I were Brett, I would be pissed at their asses. He probably has no control over his own actions since his cover debut. Poor Bretty boy.

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