Friday, July 25

30 Days of Glory - Spending Day 5 with the Texas Rangers

I perhaps should have held off on this one. Because if you've met me even briefly, we all know there's one Major League man that gives me almost as much joy as David Wright does. And he is a Ranger, after all. But he deserved his accolades at some point, so present "The Men, The Myths, The Rangers."

2nd Runner Up:

Ian Kinsler


This adorable little All-Star is the future of the Rangers organization... and super easy on the eyes. And he married his high school sweet heart, which miraculously makes me want to go "Awww" and puke in my mouth at the same time.

1st Runner Up:

Josh Hamilton


Is there anything sexier than a 6'4 man with half a million homeruns? Virtually nothing... except our champion.


C.J. Wilson


Like there was ever a doubt. This god amongst men is a straightedge, extreme sports lovin' Taoist. And his brother plays in a super rad band.

Honorable Mention:

Milton Bradley


Dude's name is MILTON BRADLEY. If I didn't heart CJ, he could have earned champion with this amazing name.

I'd Rather Do the Japanese Sumo Wrestling Team's Laundry:

Gerald Laird


The mar on a landscape of an otherwise lovely looking ball club. Shame on you, Gerald.

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boogie said...

ouch. C.J. DAMN!