Thursday, July 24

30 Days of Glory - It's Red Sox time!

So after subjecting myself to the torture that was the Angels, I got a good night's sleep to prepare for today's physical challenge - digging through the Red Sox roster. Though, let's call a spade a spade - I knew where I was going with this one. Growing up a Mets fan in New York, let's just say you spend a lot of time cheering the BoSox on. Am I right?? A lot of time around the Sox means that actually years upon years of research have gone into this post. But for you, I will. Here's my starting line-up!

2nd Runner Up:

Javier Lopez


I love pitchers. And I love boys who throw sidearm. AND, I think he's pretty. Those are reasons enough.

1st Runner Up:

Justin Masterson


Because he's 23. Because he's 6'6. Because I dig him.


Jason Varitek


Cuz Boogie adores him and what she says goes.

Honorable Mention:

Brandon Moss


There is something charming about him, even though he does remind me of Alfred E. Neuman with those bug eyes.

I Don't Get That Drunk Anymore:

Hideki Okajima


Ok, I had to look it up. Hideki is only 32 years old. How does he manage to look like someone's ancient Japanese grandfather? It's really astonishing. If I slept with him, I would feel like I was going to bed with my friend Rebecca's grandfather who lived with her, didn't speak English and was always offering me coconut. I gotta go with a big ole "Nuh uh" here. He is a party foul.


ill orange said...
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boogie said...

Oh my goodness. Just look at him! That "Don't F with me" look on his face, that body language...WOW. He makes me want to call him daddy :x