Tuesday, July 22

Shockey traded to the Saints - It's For The Best

I have had a few hours to process the news that 4-Time Pro-Bowl Tight End Jeremy Shockey was traded by the New York Football Giants to the New Orleans Saints today. I've decided that this is both a good idea and a smart move for the Giants.

As much as I admire Jeremy Shockey for his talent and his contributions to the team over the years, I have to say that this trade is for the best. I had a conversation with Chicago native and sports aficionado Mr. Ben Miller earlier today, and he made a lot of sense. Ben is of the opinion that this trade sends a message to the Giants and the league that the New York Football Giants are a "character team." Ben describes a character team as with quality players that think about the team before their own personal glory. Their players don't have problems with the law, don't talk about internal things in the media, and enjoy playing the game moreso than being in the spotlight.

Right now the Patriots are a prime example of this type of team. Junior Seau and others have flocked to New England to do one thing. Win. They have become and stayed a force to reckon with in the NFL the last several years. And I don't like giving the Patriots credit for anything! (18-1 BITCHES!!) The Chicago Bears are also taking steps to becoming a character team by releasing RB Cedric Benson and DT Tank Johnson due to their repeated legal troubles. Can you blame a team for wanting to move away from drama and towards a championship? I definitely can't.

Now that this distraction has been eliminated, the next step is for the Giants to get wrap up contract negotiations with Plaxico Burress. Once that is settled, the team will be more than ready to defend their Superbowl XLII championship.

So Jeremy, safe travels to Louisiana. Your talent is undeniable, and your passion and intensity on the field will be missed. I don't doubt that you'll be just fine under Sean Payton. He's quickly developing into an amazing head coach. Just a word to the wise - they may seem sweet, but those New Orleans fans will eat you alive if you try and pull the same ego crap you pulled in New York. How about showing a little southern hospitality when you get there? It might do you some good.


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