Thursday, July 24

The Insanity of the NL East


There is truly not a tighter race for the division title in all of baseball right now, then the war that's happening in the NL East right now. Certainly not in the AL West, where I can't even believe the teams are still showing up to games. It's a little early for it to be over but I personally would be shocked if any of those teams got within 5 games of the Ambiguous Angels. I did the math. If Oakland wins every game for the next 6 seasons, they will still be a game behind the Angels.

But this race in the NL East is going to give this girl a heart attack and it isn't even August yet! I've started doing some Bikram yoga in an attempt to live to see the Series. Let's see how that goes. Let's just take a minute to rewind and rehash the events of the last 3 days for those of you who have been living under a rock or somewhere else as blissfully peaceful.

Tuesday, July 22nd
Tuesday begins with the NL East looking as follows: NY & Phils tied for 1st, with the Marlins trailing a game back. The Phillies rob the Mets of a well-played game, thanks to an error by Jose Reyes and a (grudgingly I admit this) beautifully played ball by Howard, and the Mets bullpen just having their heads in the clouds. The Marlins shut out the Braves, so we lead into...

Wednesday, July 23rd
What a difference a day makes! The Phillies hold the first place spot by themselves, with both the Mets and the Marlins hanging out a game back feeling sorry for themselves. But it wasn't to stay that way for long. Wednesday unfolds and we see Jose Reyes creating a little of that Jose magic with a 3-run homer, allowing the Mets to topple the Phillies on their fat asses and the Marlins take a loss against Atlanta. I didn't watch the game, but I blame Uggla.

Thursday, July 24th
And the day begins... Mets and Phillies tied for first and Florida still trailing a game back. I got my ass up nice and early for my MLB package to not be working. I sped as I typed on my Blackberry to Boogie for updates (safe, I know) to work to catch the rest of the Mets/Phillies day game. Bing, bang boom! Say hello to Oliver Perez, David Wright, and Carlos Delgado and say buh-bye to first place Phillies.

Now the Mets stand alone in first place, with both the Phillies and the Marlins trailing a game back. And the day ain't over. The Phillies could be sitting in 3rd before I put my head on my pillow tonight.


Stay tuned...

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