Tuesday, January 6

"Dwayne Robertson, 2 minutes for ROPING!?"

No, this isn't D2 The Mighty Ducks; however, does the NHL need to implement a new penalty for BITING?! If you think Sean Avery is bad, then what is fellow pest of the NHL Jarkko Ruutu? Is he trying to de-throne the inactive Avery as the NHLs most hated player? (He already surpasses him on my list, frankly.)

I'm sure someone on your favorite team has had to deal with the likes of this - (pardon my lack of a better and more politically correct word) - "jerk" on many occasions. Well, he just took it up a notch in what I don't think I have ever heard of in sports, except in the Mike Tyson incident, by BITING an opponent!

Adding fuel to the rivalry between the Buffalo Sabres and Ottawa Senators, Ruutu proceeded to bite Andrew Peters when they were having an altercation in the first period of tonights game. (Maybe he was looking for a snack? He might have missed his pre-game lunch this afternoon.....) Anyway, so it was his finger and Peters had his glove on, but even so - are you kidding me? Ruutu claims that Peters was gouging his eyes out. This "altercation" seems to be a bit three stoogies for me, but Peters is the one with a bandaged finger and Ruutu can still see perfectly fine.

Ladies and Gents, this is hockey and we are not afraid to kick ass or throw down, but - BITING!? That's just a little foul. I think someone should knock Jarkko Ruutu out R.J Umberger style. (kidding. I'm not that mean.) ...but I would not mind him being put in his place a bit more...

In any event, the Buffalo Sabres took home the game, 4-2! Hats off to the first star of the game, Derek Roy, for stepping it up and yet again, getting another game winner. After being publicly called out less than a week ago with other teammates by head coach Lindy Ruff, Roy has responded with 3G and 4A in his last 3 games. He now leads the league in GWG with seven, 2 of which were in the last 3 games. Nice Job Royzie.

- Shinny

**UPDATE** 11:54AM 1/7/09

Ruutu has been summoned by the NHL for a hearing in order to explain his actions in last nights game. Stay tuned.

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