Tuesday, December 23

Yanks Sign Teixeira

Well, there you have it. The Mark Teixeira sweepstakes has ended and the New York Yankees walk away with the superstar free agent first baseman. All the major outlets are reporting that the Yankees have reached an 8-year deal with Teixeira worth close to $180 million. Once again, the Yankees dig into their infinitely deep pockets and leave the rest the league in the dust. First they lure C.C. Sabathia away from Los Angeles by making him an offer he couldn't refuse, then they snatch up A.J. Burnett, and now this. Believe it or not, my friends, the Yankees have spent over $400 million in the span of two weeks.

This is exactly why I'm a Mets fan. Even if I could get behind American League baseball, I don't think I could ever fully get behind the Steinbrenner Yankees. Personally, I really feel the way they manage that organization does a disservice to Major League Baseball and to the fans. Everyone knows the Yankees are almost solely responsible for MLB salaries having skyrocketed in recent years. The way they throw money around takes that little something away from the game. There's a little less magic in the Bronx. Its more like the last few rounds of monopoly, when your evil sister has hotels on Broadway and Park Place, yet she insists on buying up everything else on the board, thereby taking the fun out of the ENTIRE GAME.

Yeah. It's like that.

Baseball is about so much more than money, at least it is to me. For all the Yankees have spent in this off season, it better be worth it. I would just LOVE to watch them spend all this dough and not make the playoffs again. It would be such a sweet personal victory, however unrealistic. A girl can dream.

I'm mostly disappointed because I really wanted Teixeira to come back home to the National League, specifically with the Nationals. They wallowed at the bottom of the NL East last year, and a superstar first baseman would really have given that organization a lift. Plus, I would get to see Teixeira play the Mets several times a year, and that would have been nice. I don't make it up to Yankee Stadium much, as you can surely imagine. I'd really prefer not to hear about the Yankees any more between now and spring training either. I'm officially over it. If they sign Manny Ramirez, I'll be angry, but not surprised. Hopefully they can manage to shut the hell up for a few weeks and give me some peace.

To Texeira, Sabathia, and Burnett I say: Good luck with that.


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rookie said...

That Monopoly analogy is spot on. I completely agree; baseball just isn't going to have any fun left if the Yankees keep on buying everyone and everything they can get.