Monday, December 22

Creepy Redneck In Child's Bedroom

So being the stupendously busy woman that I am around the holidays (aka raiding my mother's fridge and watching trash TV all day), I happened to catch an episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition last night. And what creepy ass redneck decided to show his face but Bronson Arroyo?

The family was from the Cincinnati area and they redid the son's bedroom to look like the Great American Ballpark. Already, you have to feel for the kid. They panned around his room to display all this autographed Bronson Arroyo memorabilia, when who should show up to "make this kid's day" but Bronson himself?

The boy seemed excited but I have to question the parenting skills of a mother who would allow that cougar-loving slimeball in her son's room.

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