Friday, December 5

The verdict is out...

The NHL has just announced that Sean Avery will serve a six-game suspension, without pay, for off-ice comemnts made to the media before the Dallas/Calgary game on December 2nd. Having already served two games, he will be able to return to the ice on December 16th when the Stars face the Phoenix Coyotes, pending any further punishment from his current team.

In addition, Avery has agreed to an anger-managment evaluation. Hmmm...interesting.

I don't find this suspension appropriate, but Mr. Bettman has ruled. If there is one thing for sure, this is not the last of Sean Avery. As they say, "Nobody puts baby in a corner.."

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Bombs said...

The NHL is ridiculous! In a sport where there are multiple fights a game and all they get is what?? A couple of minutes in a penalty box? Now b/c he made some stupid comment (and it wasn’t even horrible like they’re making it out to be!) he gets suspended? WOW! Next time Avery just go out on the ice and beat the shit out of a couple of people you’ll only miss a couple of minutes of the game and you’ll still get paid!