Thursday, December 4

Let 'Em Eat Cake

Sean Avery arrived in stellar fashion at the NHL offices in New York today. Ever so elusive in his demeanor with dark shades, Avery met with Commissioner Gary Bettman, Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly and Senior Executive VP Colie Campbell who will rule on his loose comments about former girlfriends and their current hockey beaus.

Sean Avery was never punished last year for his entertaining incidents with Marty Brodeur, though the league did implement a new rule to prohibit the conduct he displayed from ever happening again. (I must admit, I was at the game and it was mildly entertaining.) He’s never been reprimanded for any of his comments. He's run his mouth at referees, opposing players, former teammates (hell, current teammates) coaches, broadcasters, and even fans. He was never more than thrown in the box or thrown out of a game for provoking opponents, fighting rivals or simply stirring things up.

Avery has never been suspended in his seven year career as a professional hockey player. Despite by-Law 17 and Article 6 of the league constitution that covers conduct "detrimental to the league or game of hockey", no player has ever been suspended for comments made off-ice until now.

I will say this, there have been far worse incidents this hockey season (Jarkko Ruutu, anyone?) than the comment that came from this infamous bad boy's mouth. If one thing is clear, the League and its' officials should rule on each case scenario for what it's worth. So Avery was never suspended prior, but should be have been? Maybe so. But is this incident grounds for suspension? I don't think it is.

I also find it a bit more interesting that the country of Canada isn't out to void him as a citizen! "I'm really happy to be back in Calgary. I love Canada." I find that the most comical part of his statement because, lets be real here, everyone knows how much Sean Avery HATES Canada. Furthermore, Dion and Jarrett ARE dating his exes.... right? Asshole comment, yes. Worthy of a league wide, or double-digit suspension? Absolutely not.

His comments, while rousing, may have been inappropriate. So, fine him. This offseason, Avery was looking for a bigger dollar meal ticket and a long term deal -and he got it. The Dallas Stars, who signed Avery to a 4 year, $15.5 million dolllar contract with this summer, will decide on further repercussions after hearing what the league rules. In the end, the team may get the raw end of the deal. They have expressed no interest in hearing an apology or rectifying the wounds they feel Avery has caused to their team and organization. He could get traded. He could be put on waivers. He may be exiled to the minors. Time will tell.

As of now, Gary Bettman has yet to make a ruling on Avery's fate. He was quoted during his XM radio show as saying, "We had a hearing with Sean Avery this morning which was well chronicled by the media. Off the bat, what I need to say is I haven't made a decision yet. I want to take the opportunity to think about what transpired at the meeting, everything I was told and needs to be considered. I want to reflect on it, which means either sometime later this afternoon or tomorrow morning we will render a decision and I will make it public."

Dallas Stars, get ready you're up next. Make your move....

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