Monday, December 15


My apologies for being MIA this week. your girl is moving back to the land of her beloved Metropolitans, Rangers and Knicks (and unfortunately way too close to Philadelphia) and leaving behind the Dodgers and the Kings. But not before checking out the Rangers taking on both the Kings and the Ducks! And yes... before you ask, I did schedule my flight to leave AFTER both those games. Sue me.

But today, I got word on something that could not be ignored. Drum roll please...

The Rick Rolling of the Dallas Cowboys! The Cowboys are making the same mistake my Mets made earlier this year and letting fans participate in songs that will be played over the PA. But the Cowpokes have made a bigger mistake. They are allowing the fans to do a write-in vote for the last song to ever be played at Texas Stadium following the Ravens game.

Haven't we all learned by now that you are just asking for a rick roll when you do that? And yes, that is the actual ballot above.

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rookie said...

So what song DID they play after all?