Monday, December 15

A Few Of My Favorite People

I'm watching Knicks vs. Suns right now and several of my favorite players from over years are on the floor tonight, including David Lee, Chris Duhon, Steve Nash, Shaquille O'Neil, and Grant Hill.

Chris Duhon and and Grant Hill are Duke alums, so they have my undying loyalty forever and ever amen. When Duke won its second straight NCAA Championship in '92, I wanted to be Mrs. Hill, even though I was only 10 years old. I demanded his sneakers for Christmas when they first came out. I even changed my favorite soda because "Grant Hill Drinks Sprite."

Shaq is just a legend. When he came onto the scene, I'd never seen anything like him, and he just blew my mind. He's become a superstar and a phenomenon since then. Love him or hate him, you've got to respect him no matter what.

Steve Nash became an elite NBA player under Coach Mike D'Antoni. His recent MVP seasons were electric. I'll always respect Nash and D'antoni for resurrecting basketball in Phoenix. Plus Steve Nash is Canadian, and I love me some Canadians.

I realize some of you might be getting sick of me talking about David Lee, so I'll spare you this one time. Believe that he will be the subject of a blog before the week is over. You've been warned.

Tonight is Coach Mike D'antoni's first game back in Phoenix since he left the team under less than happy circumstances last off season. He received a standing ovation from the Phoenix crowd. I think its great that they showed D'Antoni the respect he was due. I'm even more glad that he's coaching in New York now :)

I keep changing from this game over to Browns vs. Eagles on Monday Night Football. This game is about to be a blow out...


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