Friday, November 7

Say It Ain't So, Pelf!

Today begins the countdown to what we can only imagine will be a sad and devastating day in the history of the Ladies Locker Room... the pending nuptials of our man, Mike Pelfrey.

While we are beyond ecstatic at Big Pelf's happiness and love and joy, we can't help but mourn the loss of another good man. A great man. A true New York Metropolitan.

But really, Mike... congratulations. We are so happy for you. I mean, just look at our reactions when we heard the news.



I mean, truly. Who is happier for Mike and Angela than Stars and Boogie? Have you ever seen such joy?

Sigh... count it down with us and feel free to send shots of your elation to this wondrous news.

1 comment:

amy said...

no big pelf no!!